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Anisakid larvae are elongated or spiral in shape, up to 50 mm long, 1–2 mm in diameter, light-colored or stained with blood.

You can see them in infected fish meat with the naked eye.

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The main hosts of anisakids are marine mammals (seals, dolphins, walruses), intermediate hosts are crustaceans, squids, marine and anadromous fish.

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Man is an accidental host; in his body, the larva dies without further development.

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According to the results of studies, 15% of sprats, 28% of mackerel, 36% of hake, 34% of pollock, 21% of Baltic herring, 25% of cod, 40% of Atlantic herring are infected with anisakides.

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Human infection with anisakid larvae occurs as a result of eating poorly salted or not sufficiently heat-treated marine fish. Uncooked seafood (cephalopods, crustaceans) is also dangerous.

Once in the digestive tract, the larvae penetrate into the mucous membrane of the stomach and small intestine. Invasion of the colonic mucosa is also possible, but this is rare. At the site of the lesion, granulomatous eosinophilic tumors occur, accompanied by edema and thickening of the intestinal wall or stomach. These tumors are often mistaken for regional enteritis or gastric carcinoma.

Depending on which organ is affected by the larvae, the intestinal and gastric forms of Tadalafil are isolated.

An asymptomatic form is also known - transient. According to the clinical course, acute, subacute and chronic anisakiasis are distinguished.

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It used to be that yawning enriches the body with oxygen. However, this opinion has been refuted. Scientists have proven that yawning cools the brain and improves its performance.

According to WHO studies, a daily half-hour conversation on a mobile phone increases the likelihood of developing a brain tumor by 40%.